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From the nose to tail the bottom starts with a roll vee going to a flat vee to a single concave in the middle to give drive through the turns, going to a flat and roll vee off the tail for sharp arc turns. The tail is a little narrower than our traditional fish but it’s still wide enough to help to glide on the mushy days and drive down the line. For that reason Xanadu puts his special vee on the tail. We strongly recommend you to ride this board with the Xanadu fins that can be purchased separately for a precise functionality.

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The Sea Thunder is the new twin fin from Family 1 for intermediate to experienced surfers who wants to do radical maneuvers on knee high up to head high waves. The foil of the board is more performance, has a little bit less foam on the nose and tail for more flex. The special aspect of this model is that the deck curve follows the bottom curve, so the water coming from the deck doesn’t fight with the water coming from the bottom (less drag = more speed).
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