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Wave Rocket 2 – 5’6”


For years Xanadu’s high performance short boards have always received the most recognition, but for those in the know, his fish designs might be even more sought after. With the success of the original Wave Rocket, it was only a matter of time before the Wave Rocket 2 was introduced. The Wave Rocket 2 is a little more tuned up than the original, but still very retro oriented and easy to ride. Don’t get us wrong, you can rip this board to pieces in a variety of waves.

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This board has a flatter entry rocker with a pretty round outline. It also features a flatter deck and full rails for more buoyancy and better performance in gutless waves. With Xanadu’s special vee to double concave combo bottom this board feels alive under your feet. This board is so versatile it is ridiculous, anyone from a beginner to a pro can ride this board and have a blast.


5’6” – 31.6L, 5’4” – Purple, 5’2”

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