The Xanadu ‘Tri Fins’ are our bread and butter.

Our tri fins are the ultimate in high performance surfing.

Whether you are an up and coming grom, trying to qualify for the world tour, or a little bit old but still got it, you can count on Xanadu ‘Tri Fins’ to keep you in the game.

Xanadu ‘Tri Fins’ include every performance shape you can imagine for every size wave.


High Performance Shortboard

This board was designed to be a high performance surfboard for good waves at home, on the W.Q.S, and on the W.C.T.

Xanadu X21
More info dimensions and videos

Pig 2

Small Wave Performance

The ‘PIG 2’ is hands down one of Xanadu’s best small wave designs.

More info dimensions and videos – Click HERE